Primate Ecology and Genetics Group

The South African Primatology Association

About PEGG

PEGG (Primate Ecology and Genetics Group) was established to provide a forum for individuals interested in primate ecology, behavior and evolution to discuss and share information. We encourage scientific research, education, conservation and conservation oriented management of species of non-human primates found in southern Africa. Membership is open to individuals involved in academics, nature conservation and wildlife management, living or working in southern Africa. Students are actively invited to participate.

Our goals are:

  • Increase educational awareness of primate diversity in southern Africa
  • Encourage research on primates in southern Africa
  • Encourage conservation-oriented management of primate populations in southern Africa

Past Meetings

Explore where PEGG has gone in the past, read prevous abstracts, and more.

  • July 2015, University of Cape Town
  • June 2014, Glenburn Lodge
  • June 2013, Tsi Tsi Kamma Lodge
  • June/July 2012, Black Mountain Hotel
  • July 2011, Tradewinds Country Inn and Resort
  • June 2010, The Edge Conference Centre
  • June 2009, The National Zoological Gardens
  • June 2008, Crystal Springs Resort
  • June 2007, University of Cape Town
  • July 2006, Magoebaskloof Confernce Centre
  • June 2005, University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • January 2004, University of Pretoria
  • June 2002, Ithala Game Reserve
Other PEGG Events
  • International Prosimian Conference
  • PEGG Field School


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